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Aquaculture, Norway and the World

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John Erik Stacy, 4 Oct 2010 Norway has exported more than $ 2.7 billion worth of "farmed fish" and other products of aquaculture so far this year. This is a 30% increase relative to the same period last year (Jan - July) and is expected to total more than $4.5 bn for the year, well surpassing ...

The last wild food


Paul Greenburg writes about fishing and aquaculture in his book "Four Fish" John Erik Stacy, 27 Aug 2010 On August 10, Paul Greenberg, author, journalist, lover of sea food and fishing, spoke in Seattle at the University of Washington Book Store to promote his book "Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food." He spoke and ...

Hope for eradicating influenza in salmon

Salmon in Norway could be flu-free in coming years. Photo: Forskningsradet.no

While we humans can expect to suffer from various influenza viruses for the foreseeable future, Norwegian salmon could be rid of their type of influenza within a few years Infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) has plagued Norway’s aquaculture industry for over 20 years. ISA is one of the most costly diseases in the business; it is not ...