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A closer look at Augustana College

The Lutheran Normal School (1889-1918). Founded in Sioux Falls by the Norwegian Synod in order to provide teachers for Lutheran parochial schools, Augustana

Providing an education of enduring worth that challenges the intellect, fosters integrity, and integrates faither with learning and service in a diverse world By Christy Olsen Field Norwegian American Weekly As one of the earliest Norwegian colleges in the United States, Augustana College is proud of its heritage. The name “Augustana” is drawn from the origin of the ...

A commitment to education

Luther College in Decorah, Iowa

Norwegian immigrants laid the foundation for a number of colleges and universities across North America By Christy Olsen Field Norwegian American WeeklyNorwegians have made their mark on higher education in the North America, founding excellent colleges and universities across the continent. The pioneering spirit of the Norwegian immigrants to build a place for learning and service has ...

Nordic American Learning Alliance (NALA) launchs its website, www.gradusa.org.

Nordic American Learning Alliance

The idea came about due to a deep concern both for Norway and United States that the number of Norwegian students to the United States dropped dramatically over the last six to seven years. In the l990s the number of Norwegian students who studied in the United States ranged between 2,000-3,000 annually. Currently, it stands ...